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What are the 5 main benefits of providing virtual computer training course for your team?

Updated: Jun 22, 2023

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Since the dreaded C-word of 2020 interrupted the world’s way of life, many businesses have had to grow and adapt to a more virtual and online way of working, in order to complete their tasks, support their team and continue to make a profit. When the usual travel to different areas or countries to complete face-to-face meetings was no longer an option, we were all forced to turn to online video conferencing and collaboration tools in order to complete job roles and requirements.

Now, 2 years on as life returns to the ‘new normal’ many have learned that this new way of working can in fact be a more favourable and cost-effective way to complete our required work week tasks. One of the main changes, is the ability to be able to attend training and meetings virtually via video calls on cloud-based collaboration tools such as Zoom, Google Meets and Microsoft teams from the comfort of their desk. In fact, it has been reported by Exploding Topics that 68% of employees say they prefer to learn at work.

Virtual training has become more sophisticated than ever as technology advances. Trainers can now deliver live training sessions over the internet, almost as perfectly as they can in a face-to-face environment. Gone are the days of pre-recorded video lectures and now we welcome live, interactive sessions that delegates can access more conveniently than in classroom training.

We have highlighted the top 5 reasons why virtual computer training can be beneficial for your team and help them to improve their technology usage in the office (or home office).

No travel requirements: Perhaps the most obvious benefit is the fact that your staff do not need to travel anywhere to attend the class. Travel can be stressful and take up unnecessary time. Not only does virtual training allow them to access the training session without needing to get in their car, on a train or bus, but it also means that they can avoid any delays and traffic. As all businesses need to be mindful of sustainability measures, less travel also equals a lower carbon footprint.

Increased Inclusivity: We all know that our teams can be made up of introverts and extroverts, with some of the quieter members of the team finding it harder to speak up in group situations. Virtual training allows all attendees equal opportunity to speak, input their ideas, learn and interact as much as they like.

Reduced costs: For businesses, virtual training courses can be more cost effective as they eliminate some of the main expenses that face-to-face training incurs, such as charges for team transport, accommodation, petrol, and food expenses. It is reported that well known company IBM saved approximately $200 million after switching to e-learning for their staff. If they can save that much, how much can you save?

Time efficiency: According to Shiftelearning, virtual e-learning will use 40%-60% less employee time than learning the same material in a Classroom. So, although a virtual training course will often have the same amount of teaching time as a classroom training session, by hosting the training session online, you instantly eliminate the additional time away from work hours used for travel, either side of the course. This allows attendees to use the time they would have needed to travel or be away from their desk to complete their work tasks for the day, reply to emails or catch up on other meetings.

Accessibility: Virtual training can be attended from anywhere in the country (or indeed in other countries), therefore allowing all of your remote workers, teams from different offices or locations to all attend the same training course at the same time. This will help to increase morale, inclusivity and also allow your team members to work their day and commitments around the training course. For example, a stay at home parent would be able to attend the course from home without having to find childcare.

If you would like to take advantage of the benefits of virtual training for your team or workplace, get in contact or browse our range of Microsoft and Adobe courses today.



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