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Over 30 years background experience within the industry. Microsoft Office Expert, Microsoft Office Specialist, Microsoft Office Master, HND in Information Technology.

All trainers who train for F1 Computer Services are approved and extremely qualified in their field. You are guaranteed to have a great training experience giving you the knowledge to succeed with your application.

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Why F1 Computer Services?

  • F1 offers training from a new user, Excel Advanced, Project, Adobe Suite, SQL, SharePoint, Power Apps and Technical Training.
  • We Can deliver training on your site.
  • We cover most of the UK.
  • Off site facility available for small groups of 3 people at a time (a real bonus when many others cram 8 people onto an open course).
  • We offer a friendly, flexible and professional approach giving value for money and great support.

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How our company started

I am Chris and I run F1 Computer Services, an established IT training provider.

I was awful at maths and decided to go back to school. Wow, learning how to use the computer completely changed my life. I studied longer than intended, loving every moment of my Information Technology course, gaining an HND.

Along the way I found that I had a talent for helping others understand the lessons, often working late into the night explaining some aspect of our lectures that day. So it was only natural that I set up my own business, sharing my knowledge.

That was 30 years ago. What followed was F1 Computer Services (F1 as in the help key on the keyboard) “your key to affordable help”.

Reliable IT training used by brands you already trust.