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Upskill in computer software to improve your job prospects for the new year.

For many, the past few years have been a period of extreme changes and challenges, requiring the ability to be flexible, adapt to new ways of working quickly and embrace workplace changes fast. A lot of the workforce have moved from traditional office working, to remote working, which in turn has required some upskilling in online platforms in order to stay connected with others.

The ‘new normal’ relies heavily on employees having a sound knowledge of computer applications and software, with new planning and communications platforms now being essential for completing projects and day to day tasks. Meetings that could once be held in the boardroom, now rely more on Microsoft Teams, Zoom or other video calling platforms to connect people together and project planning softwares such as Microsoft Project are becoming more popular to keep teams aligned and ensure that tasks are delivered on time.

So, as businesses around the world become progressively reliant on technology, which are the softwares/platforms that you should upskill in to be ready for jobs in the new year?

Microsoft Office suite - For administration, team communications and content, the list is endless. It is readily assumed that all job applicants will be proficient in the basic Microsoft Office apps such as Microsoft Word, Excel and Powerpoint - however there are many other important apps as part of this suite that will greatly benefit anyone that takes the time to learn them.

- Microsoft Project

- Microsoft Teams

- Microsoft PowerBi

- Microsoft One Note

- Microsoft Sharepoint

Adobe Suite - for design, social media, videography and presentations to name a few. Adobe Creative Ssuite can be misunderstood as a group of applications only required by graphic designers and video editors, however, Adobe has many uses in day to day work that can improve the look and feel of websites, articles and presentations to name a few. A basic knowledge of these platforms can greatly help with you to create visual aids, writing long texts or presenting imagery / branding.

- Adobe InDesign

- Adobe Photoshop

- Adobe Acrobat

Communication apps - perfect for online collaboration and team meetings.

It is important to keep up to date with your teams, even if you are in different offices, countries or just remote working. The below platforms can help teams to collaborate, set tasks and timelines and also keep multiple teams aligned on small to large projects.

- Slack

- Monday Board

- Trello

- Google Meets

Social Media Platforms, everybody has them now! Many businesses now name social media as their greatest lead generators. Often cheaper to run organically and with a wide reach, these platforms not only create a business shop window but they also create a line of communication with customers and clients. Taking the time to learn all social media platforms will help you keep up to date with the latest trends, topics and company updates, not to mention that you may also find your dream job on a social media platform as well!

- Twitter

- Facebook

- LinkedIn

If you are considering upskilling your current knowledge of computer platforms for the new year, or fancy a new challenge to learn a new skill we have full day and half day modules available across a range of the software programmes mentioned above. Book a course today and get ahead for 2022.

To find out more about our courses, contact us.



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