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Microsoft Yammer

Microsoft Yammer is a tool created to help you connect and engage across the whole company. The tool is typically used to convey a message or information to a wider audience. For example, a 
company would use Yammer to announce company-wide information including those on the move with the Yammer mobile app.


Format: half day, max capacity 6

Wireless Computer Accessories

Yammer Introduction

  • Navigating the Yammer Interface

  • Editing the Yammer Profile

  • Download the Windows Desktop Notifier

  • Set notification options

  • Download Yammer Mobile Apps


Working with the Home Feed

  • Follow people and topics

  • Post a message

  • Like, reply and share stuff

  • Chat with colleagues

  • Set Online Now options

  • Following up

  • Searching with Yammer


Working with Groups

  • View and join a group

  • Groups participation

  • Poll members of a group

  • Add external participants in group conversations

  • Working with Notes and Files


Attaching and uploading files

  • Previewing files

  • Editing and collaborating

  • Creating and publishing

  • Links and managing notes and files

  • Post messages and work in groups

  • Find and share content

  • Discover and organise information

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