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Microsoft Word Course

This course is designed for new and existing users of word. Word provides the
same style of easy-to-use Menus/Ribbons as the rest of Microsoft Office. 

An understanding of PCs, use of a keyboard and mouse plus knowledge of Windows is required, gained either by previous experience or by 
attendance on a “Windows Introduction” course.

Course format: one day, max capacity 6

Wireless Computer Accessories


  • Understanding elements of the screen/ 

  • Ribbon/Quick Access Toolbar

  • Scroll Bars/Rulers and Status Bar

  • Live Preview & Mini Toolbar

  • Normal View / Page Layout view

  • Save, Close and Open documents

  • Text Entry and manipulation

  • Efficient ways of Selecting text with mouse or keyboard

  • Navigating around documents in an efficient manner/keyboard shortcuts

  • Formatting text using the Toolbar/Menus/Ribbon or keyboard

  • Changing fonts and font size

  • Paragraph formatting - indenting, aligning and spacing

  • Block editing - Copy, Paste, Moving and deleting text

  • Smart Tags/Time Saving Features

  • Page Margins - Page breaks, Page Break Preview & Orientation

  • Spell check/Proofing Tools

Microsoft Word Course Topics

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