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Microsoft Word Course

This course has been developed for people who have attended our word introductory course. 

Initially exercises will be carried out under instruction from the tutor, but throughout the course students will be given exercises to carry out by themselves to consolidate the skills learnt.

Course format: one day, max capacity 6

Wireless Computer Accessories


  • Working with Columns

  • Bullets and Numbering

  • Multilevel Lists

  • Browse, Go To

  • Find & Replace

  • Section Breaks

  • Headers & Footers/Page Numbering

  • Columns

  • Mail Merge

  • Styles

  • Document Map/Navigation Pane

  • Templates

  • Table of Contents

  • Customising the Toolbar

  • Building Blocks, Quick Parts

  • SmartArt Graphics

  • Restricting and removing Formatting

  • More with Tables

  • Working with Documents as Web Pages

  • View Document Side by Side

  • Compare and Merge Documents

  • Comments

Microsoft Word Course Topics

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