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Microsoft Word Course

This course has been developed for experienced Word users. As there are numerous features, too many to be covered in one day, the course is 
offered in a modular form. Listed below are features that can be included.

As many topics as possible are covered in the day. Your tutor will help identify relevant topics at the beginning of the course, or by consultation prior to the course. Initially exercises will be carried out under instruction from the tutor, but throughout the course students will be given exercises to carry out by themselves to consolidate the skills learnt.

Course format: one day, max capacity 6

Wireless Computer Accessories


  • Automatic Macros

  • Working With Forms

  • Working with Fields

  • Mail Merge

  • Advanced Merge

  • Macros

  • Integrating Excel

  • Bookmarks

  • Cross References

  • Footnotes & Endnotes

  • Indexing

  • Highlighting text

  • Adding Comments

  • Tracking Changes

  • Equations

  • Remove Background of images

  • SmartArt Graphics

  • Drawing Objects

  • Word Art

  • Customising the Ribbon

  • Templates

  • Master Documents

  • Watermarks

  • Ligatures

Microsoft Word Course Topics

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