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Microsoft Visio Intro

Visio enables you to create a wide range of drawings and diagrams using job-specific stencils. By the end of the course students will be able to create flow charts and organizational charts and have a good understanding of Visio drawing techniques. Students should be familiar with a keyboard layout and be comfortable working in the Windows environment

Format: one day, max capacity 6

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Learning Your Way Around

  • Visio Standard Overview

  • Starting a New File

  • The Interface

  • Standard File Types

  • Magnification Settings

  • Navigation Pages

  • Opening Additional Stencils

  • Selection Techniques

  • Scaling and Resizing Objects


Basic Techniques

  • Working with the Drawing Tools

  • Drawing Closed Shapes

  • Creating Open Shapes

  • Drawing Compound Lines

  • Drawing with Precision

  • Duplicating Objects Quickly

  • Aligning Objects

  • Distributing Objects

  • Quick Analysis of Connected

  • Drawings

  • Rotating Objects


Creating Custom Stencils

  • Creating New Shapes

  • Adding Shapes to the Stencil

  • Saving the Stencil


Creating Organisation Charts

  • Quick Overview

  • Using the Page layout Wizard

  • Importing graphics

  • Creating the Organisation Chart

  • Adjusting Shape Placement

  • Creating Entire Groups

  • Overriding the Layout

  • Managing Detail

  • Custom Properties

  • Organisation Chart Wizard

  • Changing Shapes

  • Updating the Chart with the Wizard

  • Printing Your Charts


Creating a Flow Diagram

  • Flowcharting Tips

  • Understanding Master Shapes

  • Placing Shapes

  • Connecting Shapes

  • Basic Text Features

  • Adding Text To Shapes

  • Adjusting Text Blocks

  • Formatting Basics

  • Formatting Text

  • Formatting Text Blocks

  • Formatting Shapes

  • Formatting Lines

  • Adding Background Shape

  • Dynamic Connectors

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