Microsoft Visio Advanced

By the end of this one day training course delegates will be able to use layers, work with advanced diagrams and use data sources.

Format: one day, max capacity 6

Wireless Computer Accessories

Creating Technical Layouts

  • Understanding Layers

  • Creating, Removing and Renaming Layers

  • Setting Layer Properties

  • Controlling Shape Placements

  • Setting a Drawing Scale

  • Working with Building Plan Layouts

  • Drawing with Precision

  • Using Perspective

  • Working with Area Measurements

Exploring Advanced Diagrams

  • Create Work Flow diagrams

  • Create Fishbone (Cause and Effect) diagrams

  • Use Calendars, Gantt and PERT charts

  • Create easy-to-read maps and route directions


Diagramming and Data

  • Adding Shape Data

  • Creating Custom Properties

  • Generating Property Reports

  • Importing and Exporting Data

  • Working with Data Sources

  • The Database Wizard


Advanced Custom Shape Design

  • Creating New shapes

  • Revising Existing shapes

  • Locking and Protecting Shapes

  • Creating Custom Stencils

  • Adding Shapes to the Stencil

  • Saving the Stencil