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Microsoft SharePoint Server Administrator

Learn common tasks involved with administrating SharePoint such as navigating the SharePoint architecture, setting up sites, handling permissions, backing up and restoring data, designing forms and automating business processes using workflows.

This course can be tailored to either SharePoint On-Premise or SharePoint Online.

Course format: three days, max capacity 6

Wireless Computer Accessories

Session Topics


Introducing SharePoint
What is SharePoint?
Understanding SharePoint Roles
Understanding SharePoint Products
Connecting to SharePoint


Core SharePoint Sites
SharePoint Presentation
Exploring SharePoint’s Interface
Regional Settings
Demonstrate a Team Site
Using Team Site Lists and Libraries
Editing the Home Page


SharePoint Lists & Libraries
Exploring the Available Lists
Creating Custom Lists
Creating Custom Views
Working with Libraries
Using Versioning
Using Check In/Check Out


SharePoint & Office
Word and SharePoint
Excel and SharePoint
Outlook and SharePoint


SharePoint Communities
Understanding social networking in SharePoint
Editing My Site
Using the Blog tool


Site Collections
Creating a Site Collection
Creating a New Site
Creating a Site Template

SharePoint Security
Understanding Permissions
Viewing Security Groups
Adding/Deleting a User to a Site


SharePoint Workflows

Workflows the Basics
Out of the Box Workflows


SharePoint Search
Searching in SharePoint
Customising Search with Keywords & Scops


SharePoint Content & Documents
The Basic of Documents and Content
Understanding Content Types
Creating a Content Type
Understanding Document Sets
Creating a Document Set


Site Templates
Using Community Sites
Understanding SharePoint Publishing
Controlling Site Appearance


Business Intelligence Features
SharePoint Business Intelligence, the Basics
Creating a Business Intelligence Centre
Preparing a Workbook for Sharing with Excel Services
Sharing a Workbook using an Excel Web access Part


Expanded Functions in SharePoint
Using SharePoint Workspace
Understanding SharePoint Designer

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