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Microsoft SharePoint Power User

SharePoint site owners and members will learn how to create, edit and save documents. Create and use team sites, work with libraries and list apps and build site collections and sites. Integrate SharePoint with other Office apps, manage permissions, create automated workflows and work with content types.


This course is intended for users that have attended the SharePoint End Users course or equivalent.

Course format: one day, max capacity 6

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Session Topics


Site Collections

  • Understand site collections and sites

  • Create team sites

  • Customise site design

  • Modify site navigation

  • Create project sites

  • Site templates


SharePoint Pages

  • Web parts and app parts

  • Adding rich media content

  • Create Wiki pages

  • Create web part pages

  • Create site page

SharePoint Search

  • Search in SharePoint

  • Set a search alert

  • Advanced search

SharePoint Permissions

  • View group and user permissions

  • Add user/group to a security group

  • Inherit/set unique permissions


SharePoint Content Types

  • Understand content types

  • Create content types

  • Use a content type

SharePoint Workflows

  • SharePoint Designer workflows

  • SharePoint and flow


SharePoint Advanced

  • BI in SharePoint & Excel

  • Site templates

  • Compliance and security

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