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Microsoft Project Training Course

This course is designed for project managers or people that are involved with the administration of managing a project.


This course is designed for people who are building simple projects or those who need to work with a project that has been developed by someone else. It will give a delegates a solid understanding of the steps needed to set up the MS Project environment and then develop a basic project. Participants should be experienced Windows users.


At the end of this course you will have a good working knowledge of  Microsoft Project. You will feel confident using Project and be able to define, schedule and monitor tasks using a variety of tools and views.

Format: One day, maximum capacity of 6

Wireless Computer Accessories
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Getting started

  • Project Management Concepts

  • Working with Project Files

  • Manual & Auto Scheduling

  • Closing Project Files & Closing Project


Gantt Chart

  • Understanding the Gantt Chart

  • Formatting the Gantt Chart

  • Showing the Critical Path

  • Showing Non Working Time

  • Displaying Guide Lines

  • Understanding Time Scales



  • Setting up basic Calendar

  • Applying Calendar

Working with tasks

  • Creating a Task List

  • Modifying a Task List

  • Creating a Work Breakdown Structure


Summary tasks

  • Setting up Summary Tasks

  • Adding a Project Summary


Scheduling tasks

  • Setting up Task Links

  • Setting Dependency Types

  • Understanding Leads & Lags

  • Effort Driven Tasks



  • Understanding Constraints

  • Constraint types

  • Setting up Constraints

  • Removing Constraints

Managing Resources

  • Entering resources

  • Applying resources

  • Changing resources


Working with Views and Tables

  • Working with Views

  • Working with Tables


Tracking the Project

  • Setting the Baseline

  • Viewing the Baseline

  • Showing Complete Tasks



  • Printing different Views

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