Microsoft Project Intro

This course is designed for project managers or people that are involved with the administration of managing a project. It is particularly useful for people who have been using project and are struggling with the logic of how project calculates dates and durations. The course is designed for both new and current users of project. Participants should be experienced Windows users.
At the end of this course you will have a good working knowledge of Microsoft Project.. You will feel confident
using Project and be able to define, schedule and monitor tasks using a variety of tools and views.

Format: two days, max capacity 6

Wireless Computer Accessories
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Getting started

  • Project Management 

  • Concepts

  • Exploring the Project Window

  • Using Help

  • Working with Project Files

  • Closing Project Files and Closing Project


Gantt Chart

  • Understanding the Gantt Chart

  • Formatting the Gantt Chart

  • Showing the Critical Path

  • Showing Non Working Time

  • Displaying Guide Lines

  • Understanding Time Scales


Working with tasks

  • Creating a Task List

  • Modifying a Task List

  • Creating a Work Breakdown Structure


Summary Tasks

  • Setting up Summary Tasks

  • Adding a Project Summary


Scheduling tasks

  • Setting up Task Links

  • Setting Dependency Types

  • Understanding Leads and Lags

  • Effort Driven Tasks



  • Understanding Constraints

  • Constraint Types

  • Setting up Constraints

  • Removing Constraints


Managing Resources

  • Creating Base Calendars

  • Working with Resources and Calendars

  • Working with Resource Costs

  • Assigning Resources to Tasks


Working with Views and Tables

  • Working with Views

  • Working with Tables


Tracking the Project

  • Setting the Baseline

  • Using Tracking Gantt

  • Entering Actual Values

  • Setting up the %’s Complete

  • Finalizing the Task Plan

  • Finalising Schedules

  • Resolving Resource Conflicts


Sharing with Others

  • Printing the Plan

  • Exporting to Excel

  • Using Project Reports