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Microsoft Project Training Course

Our Microsoft Project Intermediate training course is suitable for people who are already using MS Project or have completed our day one Introduction course. The basics will be refreshed before moving on to build more advanced projects. 

On completion of the course, delegates will use project to help manage their resources and costs; to set plans, deadlines and schedules. At this level they will be able to track their project and create and print Gantt charts and reports.


You will need to have prior knowledge of the Project Management fundamentals or other Project software applications.

Format: One day, a maximum capacity of 6

Wireless Computer Accessories
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Review Introduction

  • Setting up Project

  • Manual & Auto Scheduling

  • Setting up & applying Calendar

  • Entering & applying Resources



  • Setting up different working times for Base Calendar

  • Applying Calendar


Working with tasks

  • Creating a Task List

  • Modifying a Task List

  • Creating a Work Breakdown Structure


Summary tasks

  • Setting up Summary Tasks

  • Adding a Project Summary

Scheduling tasks

  • Using Split Screen to link tasks

  • Using Split Screen to set Dependency Types

  • Review of Leads and Lags

  • Effort Driven Tasks



  • Constraint Types

  • Setting and Removing Constraints

  • Understanding how constraints affect the overall project

Managing Resources

  • Entering resources

  • Working with Costs of Resources

  • Working with Resource Calendars

  • Working with overallocation of Resources

Working with Views and Tables

  • Working with Costs Table

  • Applying Costs


Tracking the project

  • Setting and showing baseline

  • Working with multiple baselines


Viewing Project

  • Working with Outline Views

  • Working with built in Filters

  • Using Tracking Gantt

  • Formatting the Gantt Chart


Extra Features

  • Populating the Timeline

  • Applying & understanding the Progress Line


Sharing with others

  • Review of Printing

  • Exporting to Excel

  • Using Project Reports

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