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Microsoft Project Training Course

Our Microsoft Project Advanced training course is suitable for people who are already using MS Project or have completed our day one Intermediate course. The basics will be refreshed before moving on to build more advanced projects. 

This course is designed for those users who wish to improve their current knowledge of Project taking advantage of the more complex features.

On completion of the course, delegates will use project to help manage their resources and costs; to set plans, deadlines and schedules. At this level delegates will be able to track projects and create and print Gantt charts and reports.

Delegates will be expected to have a working knowledge of

Project or have taken our Project Intermediate course.

Format: One day, a maximum capacity of 6

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Managing Resources and Costs

  • Creating work, material and cost resources

  • Working with multiple calendars

  • Assigning resources

  • Effort Driven Scheduling

  • Change Task Types

  • Working with resource costs and fixed costs

  • Calculated Overtime Costs

  • Work contours

  • Resource Contours

  • Working with the Team Planner

  • Identifying budget variance

  • Finalising the Plan

  • Reviewing the schedule

  • Levelling resource over-allocation



  • Creating baselines

  • Entering project progress

  • Viewing variance information


Re-using Project Plan Information

  • Create a Project Plan Template

  • Create a Custom Combination View

  • Make Custom Views Available to Other Project Plans


Analyse and adjust a schedule

  • Analysing schedules

  • Reschedule the project

  • Adjustment of resource schedules

  • Progress lines

Exchanging Project Plan Data with Other Applications

  • Copy Sheet Data into Excel

  • Link to Additional Task Information

  • Import a Task List from an Excel File into a New Project Plan

  • Create a Custom Import Map

  • Export Project Plan Cost Date into Excel

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