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Microsoft PowerPoint Course

This one-day course guides participants through PowerPoint, and shows how to: create text slides, use the drawing tools, add and manipulate Clip Art images, create and edit graphs and create rolling presentations. 
The course involves hands-on exercise with a series of specially prepared examples to help build confidence.


Knowledge of Excel and Word would be beneficial.

Course format: one day, max capacity 6

Wireless Computer Accessories



  • Create a new presentation

  • Examine different slide types

  • Create Title slides

  • Create Bullet slides

  • Format text and bullets

  • Using the Content Placeholder:

      - Text Boxes

      - Graphics

      - Smart Art (including Organisation Charts)

      - Tables

      - Charts

  • Using the on-demand ribbons to design and format text boxes, graphics, smart art, tables and charts

  • Ordering and grouping objects

  • Speaker Notes

  • Working in Various Views

  • Moving, Copying and Deleting Slides

  • Printing Slides in different Layouts

  • Working with Master Slides

  • Inserting Headers & Footers

  • Applying and customising Themes

  • Saving Themes

  • Slide Transitions

  • Apply Animation Effects

  • Run a Slide Show

Microsoft Powerpoint CourseTopics

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