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Microsoft BI Advanced

A one-day Microsoft Power BI training course to further develop the skills of the Power BI worker. The intention of this course is to improve data modelling skills, introduce the DAX Expression language and to look at methods of creating more flexible business intelligence. Delegates must have completed our Introduction to Power BI or be comfortable with the course objectives covered at Introduction level.

Format: One day, max capacity 6

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Lesson 1. The Query Editor

  • Group tables

  • Split row by delimiter

  • Calculate deadlines

  • Advanced query editor

  • Match data inconsistencies

Lesson 2. Logical Column Functions

  • Contoso source file

  • Create a FIND function

  • Nesting functions in an IF

  • Logical functions IF, AND, OR

Lesson 3. The CALCULATE Measure

  • Understand CALCULATE filters

  • Add context to CALCULATE with FILTER

  • Use CALCULATE with a threshold

Lesson 4. The ALL Measure

  • Anatomy of ALL

  • Using ALL as a filter

  • Using ALL for percentages

Lesson 5. DAX Iterators

  • Iterator “X” measure SUMX

  • Anatomy of iterators and row context

  • A closer look at SUMX

Lesson 6. Power BI Time Intelligence

  • Compare historical data

  • Create a DATEADD measure

  • Compare historical data in a chart

Lesson 7. Visualisations Expanded

  • Heatmaps in Power BI

  • Apply static filters

  • Create a lists

  • Create a scatter chart

  • Add trend analytics to charts

  • Create dynamic KPIs

  • Create dynamic dashboards

  • Customised tooltips

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