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Microsoft Power Automate
With SharePoint

Microsoft Power Automate allows you to create automatic processes, called workflows, that react to an event in SharePoint, do something with the event data, and then use this data to perform actions in SharePoint or other online services.

Format: half day, max capacity 6

Wireless Computer Accessories
  • What is Power Automate?

  • Workflow building blocks

  • Workflow connections

  • Licensing and pricing conditions

  • Workflow templates


Building Workflows
In this module, the participants will learn how to build and customize workflows, either starting from a template or scratch.


  • Building workflows from templates

  • Building workflows from scratch

  • Working with services, triggers, actions, 

  • conditions, parallelism and loops

  • Run a workflow on a schedule

  • Using approval options

  • Observing workflows

  • Creating expressions with the workflow 

  • Definition Language


Power Automate for mobile
With Power Automate, also available for mobile devices, you can manage your workflows from your mobile. It also allows you to trigger workflows on the click of a button. In this module, participants will explore the capabilities of the mobile Power Automate app.

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