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Microsoft Power Automate

Microsoft Power Automate allows anyone with knowledge of the business process to create repeatable flows that, when triggered leap into action and perform the process for them. Automate different tasks across applications making time-consuming tasks like approvals, send/receive notifications, collect/update data and synchronising files.

Format: One day, max capacity 6

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Microsoft Flow/Power Automate

  • What is Power Automate

  • What is a Flow

  • What are the flow types

  • Understanding the Flow workspace


Flow Creation (from a Template)

  • The Flow Template Library

  • Creating automation from a template

  • Adding details to a templates

  • Checking a flow template

  • Testing a flow from a template

  • Using a Flow


Creating a Flow (from scratch)

  • Understanding and setting Triggers

  • Understanding Actions

  • Understanding Conditions

  • Setting Variables

  • Understanding Looping



Where Flows Can be Built From

  • Flow Creation in OneDrive

  • Flow Creation in SharePoint

  • Flow Creation in Teams


Building different Flows in Teams

  • How to Create a Flow in Teams (the Flow Tab)

  • Sending Notification to the Team

  • Using adaptive cards


Monitoring Flow Runs

  • Taking Advantage of the Flow UI

  • Tracking data (action items in approval or 

  • business process flows)

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