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Microsoft Outlook Advanced

This course is for people who understand the use of Microsoft Outlook. The course will build on this knowledge and explore the more advanced 

A good working knowledge of Microsoft Outlook.
Use of Microsoft Exchange Server for meeting and task delegation topics.

Course format: One day, max capacity 6

Wireless Computer Accessories

Session Topics


Outlook Review 

  • A review of the working concept of Outlook, 

  • together with the key 

  • elements of the application


Folders and Address Books

  • Working with Standard Folders

  • Creating and using 

  • Personal Folders

  • Creating and using 

  • Distribution Lists



  • Formatting Calendar Views

  • Calendar Fields

  • Using Filters

  • Using Scheduling Assistant

  • Modifying Views and 

  • creating custom Views

  • Customising the printing calendar.



  • Formatting Task Views

  • Task Fields

  • Grouping and Filtering Tasks

  • Organising Tasks by Project

  • Task ownership

  • Assigning Tasks to others


Organising e-mails 

  • Using Quick Steps

  • Creating a new Quick Step

  • Using Search Folders



  • Formatting Contact Views

  • Working with Contact Fields

  • Sorting and Filtering 

  • Contacts



  • Understanding Categories

  • Using the Master Category List

  • Defining own categories

  • Assigning categories to contacts and tasks


Tracking and Delivery Options

  • Using Voting Buttons

  • Delayed delivery

  • Direct replies to…

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