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Microsoft One Note

Learn to share your notes and information – This course will show you how OneNote will let you gather information in electronic notebooks, where you can easily organise, search and share it.

Course format: half day, max capacity 6

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Session Topics


What is OneNote

  • Launching OneNote and touring the 

  • interface

  • What is OneNote?

  • How is OneNote Organized?


Basic Features

  • Create a Notebook

  • Personal Notebook

  • Shared Notebook

  • Saving a Notebook


Organize Your Notebook

  • Add Sections

  • Add Pages

  • Move Sections

  • Move Pages/Copy pages to other sections

  • Quick Notes

Taking Notes

  • Add Text

  • Add Pictures/Screen Clippings

  • Add Links

  • Add Tables/Excel spreadsheets

  • Add Tags/Custom Tags



  • Draw Tools

  • Formatting Pages

  • Password Protect Sections

  • Searching Notes by Tag and Author

  • Sharing Notebooks


Interacting with Outlook

  • Send to Email

  • Create Tasks

  • Create Linked Notes

  • Create Meeting Notes from Outlook 

  • Calendar

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