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Microsoft Forms

Microsoft Forms is used to gather what you need by creating Forms, Quizzes, Surveys and Polls. The results can be analysed or even marked.

Format: half day, max capacity 6

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  • Introduction to forms

  • Saving a Form – where does the form save to

  • Adding a form title

  • Adding a form description

  • Inserting a header image

  • Creating a Basic Form

      - Adding basic elements
         ▪ Choice
         ▪ Text
         ▪ Rating
         ▪ Date
      - Adjusting the position of form elements
      - Editing Existing form elements

  • Using a theme

  • Checking the form for Desktop / Mobile

  • Sharing a form

      - Setting a form to internal or
      external users.

  • Viewing form responses

  • Opening responses in Excel

  • Using multiple choices with Ranking and LikeRT options

  • Adding a recommendation bar (Net Promoter Score)

  • Adding Sections to a form

  • Theming – adding your own colours and media

  • Using branching to customise the form according to answers received

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