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Microsoft Excel Macros Intro

This Excel Macros course requires prior knowledge of Excel up to Advanced. No prior knowledge of Excel macros is required.


Course format: One day, max capacity 6

Wireless Computer Accessories

Session Topics


Intro to Microsoft Excel Macros

  • The Excel object model: objects, properties, methods and events 

  • Recording and running a macro

  • Absolute and relative recording  


Making Your Macros Accessible

  • Add macros to your quick access toolbar

  • Add macro form buttons to your worksheet

  • Create tabs on the ribbon to hold macro buttons


Visual Basic Editor (VBE)

  • Discuss the VBE interface

  • Discuss sub and function procedures

  • Edit a recorded macro

  • Create modules and write sub routines


Interacting With The Workbook

  • Referencing Cells, Ranges, Worksheets and Workbooks

  • Using the Offset Method

  • Gathering information from the spreadsheet

  • Setting and changing information in the spreadsheet Using ‘With’ blocks


Working With Variables

  • VBA data types

  • Declaring and using variables

  • Discuss Option Explicit setting


Interacting With The User & Making 

  • Writing IF Statements

  • Use the msgbox and inputbox functions


Creating User Defined Functions

  • Create UDFs

  • Work with function arguments

  • Displaying the function’s description


Dealing With Errors

  • Debugging and identifying errors 

  • Error trapping


Time Permitting

  • Using loops

  • Select Case Statements

  • Using the Immediate Window

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