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Microsoft Excel Course

The course is designed to give an understanding of some of the major features and functions within Excel and the advantages of using a powerfully integrated spreadsheet.  The course is entirely “hands on” and those attending will gain a good understanding of how to create and manage spreadsheets. 

By the end of the course all students will be able to set up a spreadsheet containing statistical analysis functions and charts and be confident with the rules of basic formulae. No spreadsheet knowledge will be assumed. This course is good for people who do have some knowledge or who are self taught.

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  • Creating Workbooks

  • Autofill

  • Open, Save, Name & Close Workbooks

  • Editing Workbooks

  • Moving Around the Worksheet

  • Deleting Data

  • Copying and Moving Data

  • Chart Example

  • Formatting Chart Objects

  • Apply Font Formats

  • Text Alignment

  • Working with Columns / Rows

  • Changing Row Heights

  • Insert/Delete Columns and Row

  • Absolute Cell Referencing

  • Sorting

  • Conditional Formatting – basic built in

  • Hiding rows/columns

  • Moving/renaming worksheets

  • Goal Seek

  • Enter Text and Numbers

  • Enter Formulae

  • Print & Preview Options

  • Open Existing Workbooks

  • Selecting Areas

  • Editing Cell Contents

  • Charting

  • Creating a Chart

  • Formatting

  • Number Formats

  • Handling Percentages

  • Changing Column Widths

  • Autofit

  • Further Formulae

  • Statistical Functions

  • AutoSum

  • Using AutoFilter

  • Freeze Panes

  • Data form

Microsoft Excel Course Topics

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