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Microsoft Excel Course

The course has been developed for people who have a good knowledge of Excel. It is highly recommended that any one attending should attend our introduction to excel first. Initially exercises will be carried out under instruction from the tutor, throughout the course there will be plenty of time to practise the new skills. 

It is recommended that students have a good knowledge of Excel and must have knowledge of formula building. Ideally to have attended our 
introduction to excel course. 

Wireless Computer Accessories



  • Custom Lists

  • Review of Cell Addressing within Formulae

  • Copy Formulae

  • Absolute Cell Referencing



  • Use of the Average, Min, and Max Functions

  • If Function and Logical Functions

  • VLookup Function

  • VLookups to a database on a different sheet

  • Sub Totals

  • Date Related Functions

  • Nested Functions

  • Grouping Data with Summary Rows

  • Remove Duplicates/ Highlight duplicates/conditional formatting


  • Creating Named Ranges

  • Dynamic Named Ranges

  • Using Range Names in Formulae

  • Multiple Sheets

  • Group Edit Mode

  • Pivot Tables

  • Creating a Pivot Table

  • Updating

  • Creating a Pivot Chart



  • Conditional Formatting – customising built in settings

  • Format as a table

Microsoft Excel Course Topics

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