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Microsoft Excel Advanced Plus
Half Day

This module is designed for delegates who have attended our previous two modules working with Formulae. There is so much in Excel which can still be covered that does not fit into the other modules. This module examines lots of useful, powerful and fun topics that we have not had time to include in previous modules.

Course format: Half day, max capacity 6

Wireless Computer Accessories

Session Topics

  • Using Indirect to look up values in different worksheets

  • Advanced Date and Time Functions

  • Link Cells in different workbooks

  • Copy sheets to different workbook

  • Watch Window

  • Evaluate Formulas

  • Create Scenarios – Goal Seek & Solver

  • Advanced Charts - Create a Trendline - Create a Trendline

  • Grouping

  • Compare Two Lists

  • Combining Worksheets onto one sheet (Power Query)

  • Remove Blanks

  • Custom Sort

  • VLookup/IF

  • Custom Charts

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