Microsoft Excel Advanced

This course has been developed for people who want to further their knowledge of Excel to an advanced level. It is recommended that the student has a good knowledge of Excel, i.e. have attended an intermediate course.

Format: One day, max capacity 6.

Wireless Computer Accessories

Session Topics


Auditing Data

  • Auditing tools

  • Error values

  • Removing trace arrows

  • Automatic error checking

  • Checking for errors

  • Watch window

  • Evaluate formula

  • Rounding values

  • Validating data


Customising Formats

  • Conditional Formats with formula

  • Text and Date Functions


Using Multiple Workbooks

  • Linking workbooks

  • Saving a workspace


Named Ranges

  • Creating and deleting range names


Working With Databases

  • Groups and outlines

  • Pivot tables

  • Timelines, Slicers, Drilling Down

  • Field, items and sets Error values

  • Using Comments

  • Conditional Formatting -= formula

Advanced Functions

  • Evaluate formula IF/NestedIF/AND/OR

  • Dynamic Named Ranges 

  • H Lookups

  • V or H Lookups with Sum product

  • Working with arrays

  •  Indirect

  •  Index and Match Linking workbooks

  • Ifs (for newer versions)

  • XLookUp (for newer versions)



  • Recording a macro 

  • Running a macro

  • Assigning a macro to the quick access toolbar

  • Macro Module