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Microsoft Access Basic

This course has been developed for people who have little or no knowledge of databases.  A reasonable knowledge of the computer and other Microsoft applications will be assumed. 

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Session Topics


What is a database?
Relational databases
Definitions of terms used
Planning a database
Identify reasons to build a relational database


Overview of Access
Starting & exiting Access
Access screen layout & menus
Accessing help

Creating a New Database

Creating a table
Customising data entry
Data types and formats
Setting primary keys
Setting field properties
Add/Edit fields
Saving tables
Entering /Editing/Deleting data
Understand different types of relationship
Set relationships between tables


Creating Forms
Form wizard
Columnar forms
Tabular forms
Entering data in a form
Modifying a form
Create a sub form

Creating a query
Sort Fields in a query
Set up criteria for query
Used expressions within the query
Multi Table queries
Concatenation and 
Parameter queries
Change query join types

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