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Microsoft Access Advanced

This course is designed to give existing Access users additional skills on using the many features and functions of the software.

Format: Format: One Day: Max Capacity 6

Wireless Computer Accessories

Session Topics


Review of Access Database Principles

Performance & Database Design
• Designing a relational database
• Normalisation of data
• Primary and Secondary keys


• Calculating in queries
• Summary queries


• Advanced form features
• Forms and subforms
• Calculated fields
• Command buttons
• Bound and unbound controls

• Grouping data in reports
• Creating calculations

• Creating macros
• Adding macros to command buttons
• Event driven macros
• Attaching macros to a form or report event


Custom Ribbon Forms
• Creating custom menus
• Changing database menu settings


Creating a Menu Form
• Menu form properties
• Setting Start-up Defaults

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