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Microsoft 365 Planner Course

As part of our Microsoft 365 training courses, we present a training session on Microsoft Planner.


Microsoft Planner provides a hub for team members to create plans, organise and assign tasks to different users and to check updates on progress through dashboards.


This course is covered in a half day training session.

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Microsoft 365 Training -  Planner Session Topics


  • Sign into Microsoft Planner

  • Getting Started

  • Creating a Plan

  • Adding and assigning tasks

  • Creating and assigning to buckets

  • Attaching files and content

  • Flagging tasks with labels

  • Adding members

  • Viewing my tasks

  • Updating a task’s status

  • Viewing the progress on a plan

  • Using charts to view progress

  • Working with the Planner hub

  • Marking a plan as a favourite

  • Using Microsoft Planner with Outlook

  • Exporting to Microsoft Excel

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