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Microsoft Excel 2 Hour Data Basics Bitesize Module

Get to grips with some of the more specific tools in handling data without the need for completing a full Excel course.

Format: 2 Hour Virtual Session: Max Capacity 4

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Session Topics


  • Laying out data optimally for reporting, sorting & filtering etc

  • Making the most of sorting and filtering tool

        - Sorting / filtering by cell formatting settings
        - Date, Text and Number sort & filter options
        - Sorting using custom lists
        - Advanced filtering and creating a copy of filter results

  • Understanding Excel formatting and formula results vs stored data

        - Number format options
        - ‘Show Formulas’ view
        - ‘Evaluate formula’ tool

  • Moving around and selecting data within a spreadsheet

  • Utilising Data tools

        - Text to columns
        - Remove duplicates
        - Consolidate

  • Conditional formatting

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