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Adobe PremierPro

This one-day training course teaches you to assemble a Video based project, collecting movie clips, artwork and sound. You will also use the Timeline to produce a complete project movie. Typically, delegates attend who wish to produce video content for the web or programmes.

Format: One Day, Max Capacity 6

Video Blogging
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Session Topics


Exploring the Premier Pro Environment

  • Starting a Project

  • Premiere tools

  • Defining a Project

  • Importing Media files

  • Timeline - importing clips


Working with the Timeline

  • Changing video

  • Editing clips


Improving the Sequence

  • Transitions

  • In/Out Effects

  • Titling

  • Enhancing fading



  • Importing to sequence

  • Facing In / Out Audio

  • Audio Effects


Final Adjustments / Saving

  • Fine tuning sequences

  • Saving formats

  • Testing movie

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