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Adobe Photoshop Training

Our F1 Adobe photoshop training course introduces the powerful capabilities of Adobe Photoshop. During the course the delegates will practise a wide variety of skills which will improve the quality of photographic images. Emphasis will be given towards experimentation to allow delegates to incorporate newly discovered features into their existing work.

Format: One Day, Max Capacity 6

Editing an Image

Adobe Photoshop Training Course

Session Topics


Initiating a Project 

  • Plan a Project - Phases, Scope Target Audience, Project Management 

  • Identify Copyright and Citation Requirements 

  • Copyright Terminology 

  • Citations 

  • Copyright Permission 


Exploring the Adobe Photoshop Environment

  • Explore the Photoshop Interface 

  • The Photoshop Window

  • The Tools Panel

  • Navigation Tools 

  • The Mini Bridge Panel 

  • Customise the Workspace 

  • Predefined Workspaces 

  • Custom Workspaces 

  • The Preferences Dialog box 

  • The Preset Manager 

  • Explore Adobe Bridge 

  • Views in Adobe Bridge 


Determining Graphic Type and Resolution 

  • Differentiate between Raster and Vector 

  • graphics 

  • Pixels 

  • Raster Graphics 

  • Vector Graphics 

  • Understand Image Resolution 

  • Image Size 

  • Photoshop File Formats 


Working with Selections 

  • Create a Selection 

  • The Dialog Box 

  • The Marquee Tools 

  • The Lasso Tools 

  • The Quick Selection Tool 

  • The Magic Wand Tool Rulers 

  • Save a selection 

  • The Alpha Channel 

  • The Channels Panel 

  • Modify a Selection 

  • The Refine Edge Dialog Box 

  • The Feather Effect 

  • Apply Colour to a Selection Painting Tools 

  • The Eyedropper Tool 

  • The Colour Picker Dialog Box

Working with Layers 

  • Create Layers 

  • Types of Layer 

  • The Layers Panel 

  • Type Layers 

  • The Type Tool Options Bar 

  • The Character Panel 

  • The Paragraph Panel 

  • Transform Layers 

  • The Free Transform Command 

  • The Transform Menu Commands 

  • Apply Styles 

  • Opacity 

  • Blending Modes 

  • Layer Styles 

  • The Styles Panel 

  • Tools to Undo Previous Actions 

  • The History Panel 

  • Manage Layers 

  • Stacking Order of Layers 

  • Layer Groups

  • The Alignment and Distribution Options 

  • Advantages of Merging Layers 

  • Image Flattening 


Enhancing Images with Paint and Filters 

  • Paint on an Image Fill 

  • The Swatches Panel 

  • Brushes 

  • Patterns 

  • The Brush Tool Options Bar 

  • The Tool Preset Feature 

  • The Mixer Brush Tool 

  • Apply Filter Effects 

  • Filters 

  • Filter Effects 

  • The Filter Gallery 


Exporting Image Modes and Colour Adjustments 

  • Explore Grayscale and Bitmap Modes Bitmap, Grayscale, Duotone 

  • Save Images for Print 

  • File Formats for Print Applications 

  • TIFF Options 

  • The Print Commands 

  • The Print Dialog Box 

  • Contact Sheets 

  • Picture Packages 

  • Save Images for the Web 

  • File Formats for the Web 

  • The Save for Web & Devices Dialog Box 

  • Save Images as PDF

  • Adobe PDF Presets

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