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Adobe LightRoom

This one day training course provides a detailed introduction to using Adobe Lightroom. Delegates will learn about tags and quick image editing for collections of photos. Typically used by Photographers and anyone wishing to organise photo libraries.

Format: One Day, Max Capacity 6

Film Production
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Session Topics


Introduction to Lightroom 

  • Why use Lightroom 

  • Adjustment Brush 

  • Collections 

  • Photography workflow (Lightroom, Bridge and Photoshop) 

  • Getting to know the work area - Modules Basic shortcuts for manipulating workspace 

  • Customising Lightroom workspace 

  • (identity plate, preferences) 


Importing and sorting photographs 

  • File formats supported (Intro to DNG) 

  • Importing Preferences 

  • Importing images from memory card, folder and external hard drive 

  • Organsiing folders/using multiple hard drives

  • Exporting photos from Lightroom 


Moving around Library Module Navigator

  • View modes 

  • Comparing Images 

  • Working with Folders and Catalogs - creating, backing up, exporting and importing 

  • Working on Images - basics 

  • Quick develop adjustments 

  • Adjusting White Balance Temperature, tint and tone control 


Organising Images

  • Star rating 

  • Quick Collections 

  • Smart Collections 

  • Stacking 

  • Renaming


Working with Metadata 

  • Keywording images 

  • Grouping keywords into sets 

  • Synchronising keywords 

  • Filtering 


Exporting Images 

  • Export image settings 

  • Editing images in an external application 

  • (Photoshop) 

  • Exporting images to Photoshop as Smart Objects and creating panoramas

Develop Module 

  • Using Pre-sets 

  • Using Histogram the right way 

  • Adjusting white balance and tone 

  • Cropping and straightening images

  • Removing dust and red eyes on images 

  • Graduated filter 

  • Adjustment brush - setting and use 

  • Image adjustments using curves, HSL, Colour, Black and White 



  • Using the Detail Panel to deal with Sharpening, Noise and Chromatic aberrations 

  • Correcting vignetting

  • Camera Calibration Panel 


Digital Photography Workflow 

  • Adjustments using Develop Module 

  • Slideshow Module 

  • Creating slideshows using collections 

  • Slideshow templates and quick slideshow 

  • access 

  • Customising templates and saving as presets 

  • Exporting slideshows 


Print Module 

  • Using and customising templates 

  • Saving templates 


Web Module 

  • Creating a Web Gallery (HTML, Flash) Customising a Web Gallery 

  • Uploading files

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