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Adobe InDesign Training Course

Our introduction to InDesign training course is suitable for the beginner or first time user. The course is designed with a balance of hands on practical exercises, demonstrations and reviews. Using the latest software, you will start from the program basics and quickly build knowledge and confidence in how to navigate the application and use the tools to create layouts from single pages to complex multi-page documents. Artwork is created from scratch. You will investigate ways to create creative layouts and production techniques.


On completion of the introduction to InDesign training course you may be interested in our 1 day advanced InDesign course.

Format: Two Days, Max Capacity 6

Editing an Image

Adobe InDesign Introduction Session Topics


The Interface

  • Using Tools, Palettes and Contextual Menus

  • Customising Keyboard Shortcuts

  • Changing View Sizes

  • Navigating Through a Document


Creating Documents

  • Creating a New Document

  • Using Guides

  • Rules and Grids

  • Changing Defaults and Preferences


Creating Objects

  • Selecting, Moving and Duplicating Objects

  • The Selection and Direct Selection Tools

  • Using the Transform Palette

  • Changing the Size, Proportions or Orientation of an Object


Working with Text

  • Importing Text


Text Frame Options

  • Threading Text Frames

  • Character and Paragraph Formatting

  • Using the Eyedropper Tool

  • Creating and Applying Paragraph and

  • Character Styles



  • Understanding Spot and Process

  • Colour

  • The Swatches Palette

  • Using Swatch Libraries

  • Creating Tints and Gradients

  • Applying Colour to Fills and Stokes

  • Using the Gradient Tools on Fills,

  • Strokes and Text.


Working with Objects

  • Duplicating Objects

Master Pages

  • Creating Masters

  • Adding Automatics Page Numbering

  • Creating Sections

  • Working with Master Page Objects



  • Creating, Indexing and Using InDesign Libraries



  • Specifying Transparency

  • Selecting Blending Modes

  • Adding Drop Shadows and Feathering



  • Working with Indents and Tabs

  • Creating, Editing and Formatting Tables



  • Understanding Graphic Formats


Outputting Documents

  • Setting Up Documents for Printing

  • Printing Options and Styles

  • Exporting PDFs

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