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Adobe InDesign Training Course

This Adobe Indesign training course will cover advanced text handling techniques, working with tables, drawing, process and spot colours, object libraries, advanced transparency options and creating customised pdfs. You will also explore InDesign shortcuts and workflow management. Delegates should have attended an Adobe InDesign Foundation course or have an equivalent working knowledge.

Format: Two Days, Max Capacity 6

Editing an Image

Session Topics


Advanced Text Options 

  • Using the Info Palette 

  • Creating Custom Glyph Sets 

  • Inserting Special Characters 

  • Adding Copy Breaks 

  • Working with Linked Text Files 

  • Advanced Find/Change Options 

  • Finding and Changing Fonts 

  • Using Type on a Path 


Working with Text Import Filters 

  • MS Word/RTF 

  • Import Options 


Working with Tables 

  • Creating Tables 

  • Adding Text and Graphics 

  • Importing from Word and Excel 

  • Editing Tables 

  • Running Headers and Footers 

  • Formatting Tables 


Advanced Type Formatting 

  • Importing Styles from Word 

  • Word Import Presets 

  • Applying Complex Nested Styles 

  • Creating Balanced Headline Text 

  • Adding Rules Above or Below

  • Controlling Paragraph Breaks 

  • Working with Composition 

  • Advanced Hyphenation Controls 

  • Advanced Justification Controls 

  • Preventing Word Breaks 

  • Advanced Next Style Options 

  • Clearing Formatting Overrides 

  • Creating Footnotes 

  • Frame-based Baseline Grids 

  • Automatic Bullets or Numbering

Combining Text & Graphics 

  • Creating Object Styles 

  • Justifying Text Next to an Object 

  • Anchoring Objects 

  • Advanced Text Wrap Options 

  • Sharing Colour Swatches Across Applications 

  • Importing Multi-page PDFs 

  • Layer Visibility Options for Imported PSD and PDF Files


Working with Pages & Spreads 

  • Creating Multiple-page Spreads 

  • Copying Pages Between Documents 

  • Controlling Spread Pagination 

  • Automatic Layout Adjustment


Advanced Colour Options 

  • Creating Mixed Ink Swatches 

  • Converting Mixed Inks 

  • Using PSD Spot-colour Channels 

  • Working with Colours from EPS or PDF Files 

  • Converting Imported Spots 


Drawing in Adobe InDesign 

  • Using the Pencil 

  • Smooth and Erase Tools 

  • Drawing with the Pen Tool 

  • Adjusting Path Segments 

  • Using the Scissors Tool 

  • Working with Stroke Styles 

  • Applying Corner Effects 

  • Creating and Editing Compound Paths 

  • Shape-to-shape Conversions 


Using Libraries & Snippets 

  • Working with Object Libraries 

  • Cataloguing 

  • Finding Objects 

  • Working with Snippets 


Advanced Transparency Options 

  • Applying Transparency to Groups 

  • Creating Transparency Knockouts 

  • Using Blending Modes 

  • Flattening Transparent Artwork 

  • Creating, Saving, and Loading 

  • Custom Flattener Presets 

  • Flattening Individual Spreads 

  • Understanding the Flattener Preview Options

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