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Adobe Dreamweaver Intro

This fast track one day training course provides an introduction to designing and creating web documents. Delegates will be able to build a website and style the pages using Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) on completion of this course.

Format: One Day, Max Capacity 6

Editing an Image

Session Topics


Introduction to Web Development 

  • Web Design 

  • Web Technologies 


Getting started in Adobe Dreamweaver 

  • The Workspace 

  • Work with Panels 

  • Customising the workspace 


Site and File Management 

  • Setting up a local site 

  • Connecting to a remote server 


Page Content and Assets 

  • Creating HTML files 

  • Setting page properties

  • Adding text 

  • Inserting text 

  • Using the Property Inspector 

  • Inserting and editing graphics 

  • Using the Assets Panel and Libraries 

  • Inserting Lists 

  • Adding multimedia content 


Linking and Navigation 

  • Creating links for emails 

  • Creating bookmark links 

  • Links for Navigation 

  • Inserting Spry Menu Bars 


Formatting Text with Cascading Style Sheets 

  • Designing with div tags 

  • Styling page layout with CSS 


Creating Tables for Tabular Data 

  • Inserting tables 

  • Editing tables 

  • Styling with CSS 


Testing, Maintenance and Uploading Files 

  • Testing for broken links 

  • Uploading site to a Remote Server

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