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Adobe Dreamweaver Intermediate

Our DreamWeaver intermediate course is suitable for those with a basic, working knowledge of DreamWeaver who want to progress. On completion of this course you will be proficient in most of the features and functions of DreamWeaver.

Format: One Day, Max Capacity 6

Editing an Image

Session Topics


Review of Basics

  • Quick review of introductory topics


Using Table Layout View

  • Using Layout View

  • Drawing a Layout Cell

  • Drawing a Layout Table

  • Adding Cells to a layout table

  • Moving a Layout Element

  • Width Settings


Introduction to Style Sheets

  • Working with cascading styles. Order of priority

  • Creating a Style Sheet

  • Attaching a Style Sheet


Images & Multimedia

  • Image Maps

  • Rollover button

  • Flash button

  • Flash text

  • Inserting a Flash animation

  • Sound & video clips



  • Creating & using templates

  • Setting Page Properties on Template based pages

  • Setting Editable Regions

  • Creating Pages based on Templates

  • Editing Templates


Library Items

  • Using assets

  • Creating library items

  • Using & updating library items


Creating Forms

  • Inserting form controls

  • Understanding form controls


Creating & Editing Head Content

  • Title & Meta tags


Web Site Design Tips & Techniques

  • Good design practice

  • Web search engines & how they work

  • Telling the world about your site

  • Workflow & Collaboration

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