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Adobe Captivate Intro

Adobe Captivate is a powerful tool for creating interactive eLearning applications, training videos and software demonstrations. Our hands-on two day course will teach you how to create new projects, build slides, add interactive content, create quizzes and record your actions in any software application. A great first step in designing and building engaging eLearning content.

Format: Two days, Max Capacity 6

Working on Laptop

Session Topics


Day One

  • Introduction 

  • What does Captivate do? 

  • Building a Project - what is the stage, filmstrip, timeline, properties inspector and library 

  • Adding slides 

  • Changing and adding Text 

  • Using the Properties inspector 

  • Previewing your project 

  • Working with basic objects 

  • Inserting an image 

  • SVG images 

  • Adding Characters 

  • Adding a Video - Event Video and Muti-Slide Video Adding a YouTube Video 

  • Adding basic buttons 

  • Using shapes as buttons 

  • Roll-over Interactions 

  • Working with sound 

  • Using the Timeline


Day Two

  • An introduction to drag and drop interactions 

  • Understanding different kinds of screen recording and software simulations 

  • Creating a full motion recording 

  • Adding Demonstration, Training and Assessment simulations 

  • What can and can’t be simulated in Captivate

  • Setting up your recording preferences 

  • Simulations using click boxes 

  • Simulations using text entry boxes


Creating Quizzes 

  • Setting your quiz preferences 

  • Connecting to your LMS 

  • Adding questions slides using the Quiz panel 

  • Integrating quizzes and software simulations 

  • Previewing your project 

  • Using the skin editor 

  • Table of Contents 

  • Publishing a video 

  • Publishing your project on an LMS

  • Questions and Answers

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