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Adobe Acrobat Intro

This course provides an Introduction to creating PDF files and building and editing documents with ease. Delegates will be able to create PDF files, annotate and edit documents including navigation, sound and movies upon completion of this course.

Format: One Day, Max Capacity 6

Working on Laptop

Session Topics


Acrobat Overview 

  • The Acrobat Process 

  • Acrobat Components 

  • Acrobat Interface 

  • Navigating Documents 

  • Searching Documents 

  • Changing View Magnification 

  • Full Screen Display 


Creating PDF Files

  • The PDF Process 

  • Converting Spreadsheets and Presentations 


Building Documents 

  • Combining PDFs 

  • Cropping Pages 

  • Creating Pages from Imported Images 

  • Working with Thumbnails 

  • Setting Document Information 

  • Working in Full Screen Mode 

  • Viewing PDFs in a Browser 



Annotating and Editing documents 

  • Working with Text Content 

  • Changing Text Attributes 

  • Working with Objects 

  • Annotations at a Glance 

  • Note Annotations 

  • Text Annotations 

  • File Annotations 

  • Stamp Annotations 

  • Managing Annotations 

  • Fitlering Annotations 

  • Summarising Annotations 

  • Printing your Document 


Adding Navigation, Sound and Movies 

  • Bookmarks 

  • Hyperlinks 

  • Inserting Sound 

  • Inserting Movies

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