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Microsoft New users

This course is intended for new users to computers. The course will assume no knowledge and is aimed at giving delegates confidence to use applications further where appropriate.

Format: one day, max capacity 6

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  • The computer keyboard

  • Using the mouse effectively

  • Windows Desk Top


The Basics - Windows

  • Window Essentials, The Title Bar

  • Viewing Multiple Windows

  • Repositioning & Sizing Windows


Menus, Commands & Dialogue Boxes

  • Commands, Greyed Commands

  • Speed Keys, Dialogue Boxes

The Start Menu & Taskbar

  • Programs, Documents

  • Settings, Find, Help

  • The Taskbar

Understanding Drives

  • C:\ Drive and A:\Drive

  • Network Drives

  • CD Drive

  • USB


Working with Folders

  • Folders, Documents

  • Creating & Copying

  • Renaming & Deleting Folders

  • Drag & Drop


Working with Files

  • Naming, Locating, Viewing

  • Renaming, Moving, Copying, Deleting Files

  • Undoing File Operations

  • Recycle Bin, Drag and Drop

  • Accessing Files from the Desk Top


Customising Your Work Environment

  • Control Panel, Setting Date/Time

  • Creating shortcuts



  • Print Folder, Printing 

  • Documents

  • Managing Print Queue

  • Pausing & Resuming a Printer

  • Printing over a Network


The Internet

  • Internet Explorer

  • Setting the Home page

  • Internet Options

  • Searching Techniques

  • Google


Microsoft Office

  • Overview Word or selected Microsoft application

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