Microsoft Excel Power Tools

Microsoft Excel Power Tools

Course Duration

Two Days

Course Overview

Learn how to use the set of Power tools for powerful data analysis and data modelling in Microsoft Excel. With PowerPivot, you can mash up large volumes of data from various sources, perform information analysis rapidly and share insights easily. Use PowerView to bring your data to life with visuals such as charts, graphs, maps and tables.

Not all features/modules available on all versions of Excel.

Course Modules

Building Excel Data Models with Power Query / Get & Transform

  • Import data from a Variety of Sources.
  • Connect, Transform, Combine and Share Data.
  • Share Queries to the Power Bi Data Catalog.
  • View and manage Queries.

Power Pivot

  • Create Data Models.
  • Create Relationships between Tables.
  • Add Calculated Columns.
  • Create Hierarchies.
  • Create Pivot Tables/Charts from Power Pivot Data.
  • Create a measure and KPI.
  • Create a Perspective.

Data Analysis Expressions (DAX)

  • What is DAX?
  • DAX Syntax.
  • DAX Functions.
  • DAX Context.
  • Creating Dax Expressions.

Power View Reports

  • Add Power View to the 2016 Excel Ribbon.
  • Add a Data Model.
  • Create a Power View Report.
  • Create a Power View Map Report.
  • Set Power View Report options.
  • Create Interactive Power Reports Charts.
  • Create Snapshot Reports using Cards and Tiles.

Power Maps

  • Visualise Data and Geo-Data with power Map.
  • Modify Power Map Scenes.
  • Filter Power Map Data.

Publishing Power Data

  • Publish to Power Bi.