Microsoft Excel Macros Course Outline

Microsoft Excel Macros Introduction

Course Duration

One Day

Course Level


Course Requirements

This Excel VBA course requires prior knowledge of Excel up to Advanced. No prior knowledge of Excel macros or Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) is required.

Course Contents

Introduction To Excel Macros

  • Discuss Excel VBA macros.
  • Discuss the Excel object model.
  • Create macros using the macro recorder.
  • Absolute and relative references.
  • Recording a macro.
  • Running a recorded macro.
  • View macro security settings.

Making your Macros accessible

  • Add macros to your quick access toolbar.
  • Add macro form buttons to your worksheet.
  • Create tabs on the ribbon to hold macro buttons.

Visual Basic Editor (VBE)

  • Discuss the VBE interface.
  • Discuss sub and function procedures.
  • Edit a recorded macro.
  • Discuss procedures and modules.
  • Create modules.
  • Create sub routines.

Working With Variables

  • VBA data types
  • Introduction to variables
  • Declaring and initialising variables
  • Use the MsgBox function

Creating user defined functions

  • Create UDFs.
  • Work with function arguments.
  • Use the insert function dialog box.
  • Displaying the function’s description.
  • Distributing your code using an add in file.


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