C++ For Non C Programmers

This course is designed to provide non-C programmers with the essential skills and knowledge necessary to allow them to become competent in developing basic ANSI compliant C++ console programs. The course is good for systems and applications programmers who will be developing systems in C++. It is suitable for hardware and software engineers who want to expand their knowledge in a powerful all-purpose language and technical managers who want to manage C++ programming projects. 

Format: 5 Days: Max Capacity 6

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Session Topics


The History of C++ 


The Structure of the C++ Program The Microsoft Visual C++ IDE: 

  • Starting a new project 

  • Compiling a C++ Program 


Variables & Keywords: 

  • Variable Names; Data Types; Declarations 

  • Assignment Operator; Constants 

  • Initialisation of Variables 

  • cin & cout 

  • Arithmetic Operators; Expression Evaluation 

  • Increment & Decrement Operators 

  • Bitwise Logical Operators 

  • Compound Assignment Operators 

  • Type Conversion; Comma Operator 

  • Order of Precedence 


Composite Data Types: 

  • typedef 

  • Enumeration types   

  • Theory of Arrays; Range Checking; Initialisation

  • Vectors 

  • Strings 

  • Structures 


Flow Control of a Program 

  • Types of Flow Control Statements 

  • Logic States; Relational Operators 

  • Boolean Logical Operators; if-else Statement 

  • Nested if Statements 

  • Conditional Operator; Compound Statements 

  • Switch Statement; While loop; Do-while Loop; 

  • For Loop; For Loop Variations 

  • Break & Continue Statements  



  • Header & source files  

  • The Definition of a Function; Function 

  • Parameters 

  • Non-Returning Functions; Void functions

  • The Return Statement 

  • Functions Returning Non-integers 

  • Passing Arrays to Functions 

  • Inline functions 



  • Storage Class Types; Automatic Variables 

  • Register, Static & External Variables 

  • Initialisation Rules for the Storage Classes 



  • The & and * Operators 

  • Pointers & Function Arguments 

  • Pointer Arithmetic; Pointers & Arrays 

  • Pointer Initialisation; Arrays of Pointers 

  • Pointer to Pointers; Command Line Arguments 

  • Pointers to Functions 

  • Pointers to Structures 


Dynamic Memory 

  • Memory Leakage 

  • new() & delete() 


The C++ Preprocessor 

  • The Pre-processor Operation 

  • #include; Defined Constants 

  • #ifdef & #ifndef; #pragma 


Classes & Objects Overview 

  • Class Implementation 

  • Constructors & Destructors 

  • Using objects 

  • Inheritance 

  • Polymorphism 

  • Virtual functions 

  • Abstract classes