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Adobe Photoshop Course

This Adobe Photoshop course follows on from our introduction course and will enable existing Photoshop users to get to grips with the more sophisticated features and to pick up hints and tips on how to speed work. The course aims to help users maximise their use of Photoshop, to produce effective graphics as quickly and as effectively as possible.

Format: One Day, Max Capacity 6

Editing an Image

Adobe Photoshop Course

Advanced Session Topics


Masking and Clipping Layers

  • Edit an Image using Quick Mask Overlay

  • Save and edit a selection as an Alpha Channel

  • Work with Layer Masks

  • Clip a Layer


Masking with Vector Paths

  • Create Vector Paths

  • Edit Paths

  • Mask Images with Paths


Enhancing Photographs

  • Retouch Photographs using Photoshop Tools

  • Adjust Tonal range using Adjustment Layers

  • Create Patterns

  • Create Swatches and Gradients

  • Create a Custom Brush


Creating Special Effects

  • Preview Text Effects using Layer Comps

  • Warp an Image

  • Work in Vanishing Point

Working with Video Files

  • Preview videos in Photoshop

  • Retouch videos


Automating Tasks

  • Create an Action

  • Manage Actions

  • Automate Tasks in Adobe Bridge

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