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Adobe Illustrator Course

Our F1 Adobe Illustrator course for beginngers will help delegates to learn how to create beautiful illustrations using Adobe Illustrator.


Discover how to master the pen tool, bringing your Illustrations to life.

Format: One Day, Max Capacity 6

Editing an Image

Adobe Illustrator Course

Introduction Session Topics


Getting Started 

  • Examine Imaging Concepts Explore the 

  • Interface

  • Customise the Interface 


Creating Shapes in a Document 

  • Create a Document 

  • Draw Basic Shapes 

  • Save a Document 


Creating Custom Paths

  • Draw Paths 

  • Modify Paths 


Working with Text 

  • Insert Text 

  • Flow Text on a Path 

  • Import Body Text 

  • Format Text with Styles 

  • Thread Text 

  • Apply Hyphenation 

  • Insert Typographic Characters

Work with Objects

  • Import Graphics 

  • Manipulate Objects 


Enhancing Documents

  • Format Objects 

  • Apply Strokes 

  • Apply Gradients 

  • Apply Graphic Styles

  • Apply an Envelope to Text 


Proofing a Document

  • Wrap Text 

  • Find and Replace Text 

  • Fix Spelling Errors 


Saving Images for Web and Print

  • Export Images for Print 

  • Save Images for the Web 

  • Save Images as PDFs

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